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Awaken The Spirit Wellness Center LLC |  Catonsville MD

Acupuncture & Psychotherapy for the Mind Body Spirit

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Have You Been Searching for Optimal Health?

Sheri DePetro is here to help you achieve wholeness and restore true connection-Mind, Body, and Spirit.

By honoring the natural seasons of life, you have the ability to create your own health.  We will develop an individual treatment plan based on your emotional, physical and spiritual resources.

Experiencing the best of ancient healing and modern medicine, you can begin your healing journey at Awaken The Spirit LLC, the nexus of Eastern and Western medicine!

The logo for Awaken the Spirit LLC is based on the Chinese character "ling", which translates to "spirit or divine".  Based in ancient Taoist wisdom, "ling" is your power and potential to change from within.

Awaken The Spirit LLC invites you to experience your own journey of spirit, healing and wellness. Call 410-747-9743 and meet your heart at the door to happiness.

Honor the Natural World

Manifest Your own Healing

What does "ling" mean?

Let your heart guide you

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“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  

- Carl Gustav Jung

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  • Sheri Offers acupuncture and psychotherapy

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