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"I found Sheri when I was having horrible back and hip pain. I had been to a a back doctor, specializing in pain, and still was not feeling any better. I had limited mobility in my right hip and could barely get myself into the car. I literally limped into Sheri's office and a few hours later walked out!  


When my brother, who was in from Philly, was having a hard time Sheri fit him in for both acupuncture and counseling and the change was remarkable. The supplements she suggests really work! My husband, who is not fully on board with alternative healing, swears by some of them.


I have been going to Sheri for over 2 years now. Sheri is more than just a great acupuncturist, she is a joy to talk to, every topic is fair game, she is a wealth of information and she is caring kindred spirit.,


Whatever your journey, Sheri is there with you. I am lucky to have found her!"


- Pam


“Sheri has been my acupuncturist & therapist for over 5 years,. Every time I go there I feel like I enter a space of safety & true healing.  


I have been to practitioners in the past who are in the very sense of the word "practicing" on me, but in the years that I have gone to Sheri she has always made me & my individuality a priority.  I have never felt like she was trying to fit me into some cookie cutter treatment plan.  


Sheri is a TRUE HEALER!!  She is committed to me & my total holistic health... MIND, BODY & SPIRIT!!”


- Shakina M.



“I was having extreme neck pain which was disrupting my life. There were times I could only get relief by going to bed. Since being treated by Sheri DePetro I am able to get back to normal activities. I actually enjoy having treatments. Sheri makes it a pleasant experience. She has also given me some good advice on changing some of my ways of doing things. I highly recommend her.”


- Norma W.Report this review


“Awaken the Spirit LLC, what a wonderful experience, the main practitioner Sheri DePetro is in touch on many levels professionally, spiritually and has excellent knowledge.  Listens to each issue and pinpoints the process needed.


Sheri is a fabulous acupuncturist. She has an exceptional bedside manner that is soothing and healing. She has a gentle touch, and provides powerful acupuncture treatments. I always feel amazing after treatments with Sheri. I highly recommend her and her center.”


- JH


“After having a miscarriage at the beginning of the year, Sheri helped me heal through acupuncture. She was able to treat the depression that followed, help build blood and encouraged my organs to heal. It was not just the acupuncture that helped me to heal but also her wisdom and emotional support that truly helped me through everything I was feeling. Now I am expecting my first child, which will be born a year after the loss. I do not think I would be as well as I am now without her support. Thank you so much Sheri!!”

- Stephanie


“I met Sheri soon after beginning chemotherapy for breast cancer. I was sick, scared and terribly depressed, particularly as I knew I was facing 7 more months of treatment. My weekly acupuncture sessions with Sheri became my lifeline.  This was not just acupuncture, she is a shoulder to cry on and a rock to lean against. I had never received acupuncture prior to this and was not sure if it would make a difference. I’m convinced that this was what kept me balanced, sane and healthy throughout that ordeal. Sheri is also a licensed therapist and, although I was only there for acupuncture, I felt her insight, caring and concern helped immensely to lift me out of that dark hole. Her place is also comfortable and serene and I love the way it is decorated. Highly recommend Sheri – you will meet someone who will enrich and improve your life.”

- Chris


“Sheri is a wonderful blessing in my life! It’s been such a joy watching her practice manifest in a way that is true to her mission of healing people. She is a true medicine woman with a gift and a vision to help balance ones daily struggles whether it is  spiritual, emotional or physical. I encourage you to get an appointment and experience a slice of heaven. Peace, love and light."

- Maia


“Pre, during and I know, for sure post, Sheri provides guidance, caring and support through my many travails.  I am healthier, stronger, and focused because of her expertise. My mind, body and spirit are working in balance and due to this my home and work relationships are evolving. Fully actualized is a goal and whether I attain it or not I am moving upward and forward.”

- Susan


“I have been in two car accidents and am a caretaker to my mother with dementia. The stress can be overwhelming at times. I have widespread pain and tenderness. Receiving acupuncture on a regular basis helps me achieve a deep state of relaxation with each session. It is a mini vacation from my stress and has been a great pain management tool. I look forward to each session.”

- Zina


“Thank you so much for an amazing experience, My body is still humming. My treatment yesterday is working on so many levels. The level of skill which with you work is so obvious to me, you are a gifted acupuncturist. I feel blessed and honored to be in your care. Thank you so much for being willing and available to work with me. I had an experience when I sat in your waiting area. I was overcome with emotion and struck deeply by what a truly kind & giving person you are and how much of a positive impact you have on so many lives, not just now…also in the past. A small hawk landed in the tree outside your window and tears came to my eyes as I realized that you are a role model for me…. to watch how you’ve accomplished what you set out to and have not lost your true nature and are thriving in so many ways… is a gift to us all. So thank you deeply for being you, just as you are, it has an impact on me, in my world….helping me to strive to help others from the heart.”

- Heather D.


“Sheri’s experience and wisdom gave us practical solutions that helped us move our family forward through our challenges. She quickly established rapport and trust.”                                                                                                                      

- Carol and Jim


“During an emotionally draining period of living with an abusive person, Sheri became my sounding board and educator. She helped me recognize the problems I was facing and guided me over the eggshells, broken glass and back to the soothing sand that I had once known. Thank you Sheri; for everything!”                                                                                    

- Steve P.


“During my first acupuncture appointment, her eyes looked purple. I knew I was in the right place. I cannot even tell you all the help she has given me over the years. A true healer.”

- Julie


“During my acupuncture treatment, the lights went out during a thunder storm. The thunder beings came into the room as she was needling me and gave me a healing. Sheri was doing a point about resurrecting me spiritually. Truly remarkable.”  

- Jared S.


“After regaining 80 percent function from traditional medicine treatments, I moved over to 5-Element acupuncture with Sheri DePetro. Within 6 months, my awareness of pain receded, had more mobility in my shoulder, resumed my own yoga practice, and regained overall vitality. My sense of humor even returned! I do  not understand the ancient wisdom, but it worked on me. Thanks, Sheri! “                                                                                                                                                      

- Maryann


“I just want to let you know that I feel very lucky to have found you. You are such a compassionate person and so very caring. Thank you for everything you do for me. I always feel so relaxed when I leave your office.”

- Kim T.


“One of the happiest days of my life was when Sheri diagnosed me with depression following a comprehensive psychotherapy assessment. My life suddenly made sense and I started to get better! I started and completed 2 Afghans in the next few months, something I had never done before. Thanks for helping me have movement in my life.”

- Caroline N.


“I am a little over a year past aggressive cancer treatments and feel better than I ever have. I believe it has been through following guidance that I trust and have found that the help you have given me has been instrumental in my return to health. I think the herbs and the acupuncture really helped my body to heal as well. Thank You.“

- Lee A.


“My biggest thanks to you!!!!  I promised I’d let you know how the treatment worked, so here you go… When I arrived at your office on Wednesday, I was in severe pain and had actually just been talking to my sister about the chance that I may cancel my appointment b/c I really didn’t think I’d be able to get in and out of my car and walk up to your office…I was at the end of my rope and really was willing to try anything. So, as soon as I got up from that stool at your office, I felt instant relief. Yes, there is still pain, but I could actually walk without grimacing. Because I felt so much relief, I was able to sleep a lot sounder and I was so excited that I could get up from a seated position without help. I am even to the point where I can bend over to pick things up and it’s easier to move around. I am still in some pain and it’s worse at night when I’m trying to sleep, but the treatment has made getting through the day a LOT easier for me. I really appreciate your help.”

- Shannon


“When I first began seeing Sheri, I felt that my life was out of control and I was on a roller coaster that wouldn’t stop. Through my routine psychotherapy and now acupuncture appointments, I have been taught strategies for taking control, creating boundaries and creating a sense of peace in my life. I have also been introduced to natural remedies that assist me in creating peace and wholeness in my physical body as well as within my spirit. After an appointment with Sheri, I feel a sense of balance that was missing and I feel rejuvenated and equipped to continue on in my often hectic world."

- Laura B


“Sheri’s acupuncture treatments have helped me manage my anxiety and depression. She is gifted with the ability to bring together body, mind, and spirit resulting in improvement in my overall physical and mental health.”

- Melinda


“I was always curious about acupuncture, but too nervous to try. Sheri has a calming presence and helped me ease into treatment with no stress. I had trouble sleeping through the night and after a few sessions, I have no problem sleeping! Sheri is knowledgeable and friendly. She has helped me to relax and I look forward to my visits every other week.”        

- Maggie S.


“Sheri DePetro is an excellent therapist: empathetic, honest, smart and right on the money 99% of the time. I highly recommend her, particularly to anyone having relationship or addiction issues.”

- David S.


“Sheri has helped me on many levels whether with acupuncture, herbs or psychotherapy; working with her has truly changed my life. I have recommended her to several of my friends.“

- Sarah S.


“Acupuncture with Sheri helped when nothing else did for my Fibromyalgia and loss of energy from colitis. I highly recommend it. Sheri is great!!”

- Peggy B


“Through the use of acupuncture and psychotherapy, Sheri has helped me work through several life issues. She has helped me with mobility problems related to osteoarthritis, using acupuncture and herbal remedies; and she has helped me with health and family related issues in psychotherapy sessions. Sheri is a compassionate and dedicated healer and I recommend her services to anyone who is seeking help through alternative medicine. “

- Lynda


“I have two bad knees and multiple health problems. I had been to another acupuncturist briefly before and while he was “OK” and helped somewhat, there is no comparison to the care I have received from Sheri. She is very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate.  She has tried many approaches to help with my multiple health issues. I have appreciated how much her approaches have eased my pain and contributed to my overall health. Sheri makes the whole experience pleasant and relaxing. I know I am really cared for when I am with her and I look forward to getting my “tune-up” each week.”

- Kris


“Visiting Sheri at Awaken the Spirit LLC is one of the best decisions I have made. I came to Sheri as a new mother so that she could help me to warm up physically and emotionally to make me the best person I could be for my family. Sheri was warm and accepting, someone I could just tell genuinely cared about me as a person. She helped me to face and accept some of the stresses and emotional issues that still lingered from my battle to conceive. My first pregnancy was through IVF and I was trying to accept that I would only have one child. Sheri assisted me with ways to build intimacy and martial satisfaction. I began to take herbs that Sheri recommended so that I could face winter in a physical sense, and I began to use strategies to warm up emotionally as well. I found myself much less stressed. I’ll never forget sitting outside at a restaurant in early November and being the only one in the group who didn’t need a jacket. Before acupuncture, I did not sit outside if it was chilly.  I found myself signing up for a dance class, and singing in the car on the way to work in the morning. After just several months of treatment, I was surprised by a positive pregnancy test! Sheri had told me that improved fertility could be a side effect of my warming treatments, but I had just laughed it off because of all of my previous struggles. Sheri was right, though, and she helped to achieve a miracle. She helped me to be the best person I could be for my son- and a mother again too.”

- Julia K




A poem by Sherry R. for Sheri D.


“Whether a nibbling nervousness

or a tsunami of pain-

physical or emotional-

She is there to seed

the energetic


Release the


Sensing how to care for  me,

this sharing keeps my spirit


eases the


brings perspective

to the burden.”


“The essence of her being inspires my journey. I would highly recommend her. She has an incredible healing presence."

- Sherry R.


“During my last treatment, something amazing happened. My grandmother, who has been dead for many years, came for a spiritual visit. I felt much joy: the gift of my childhood was restored and I left the treatment transformed into a different person. Sheri facilitated the opening of my heart through only two needles!”

- Sue M.


“My psychotherapy with Sheri has changed my direction in life. She has helped me to have hope when I could see nothing but emptiness. I have transformed my life and am truly grateful.”

- Joe S.


“She gave me hope when I had none.”

- TS


“Sheri helped me cope with a major loss in my life. I am not sure what I would have done without her support at the time. She was a lifeline. I was a sinking ship. All I could do was hold on as I worked my way back to the shoreline. I am so grateful to have my life back.”

- ED



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