Welcome to Awaken the Spirit Wellness Center, LLC, the combined private practice of Sheri DePetro (Cheryl), offering Acupuncture and Psychotherapy in Catonsville, Maryland.


Are you in search of a Psychotherapist or an Acupuncturist?

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Hello.  My name is Sheri DePetro, and I am a licensed social worker and acupuncturist.  My combined practice is unique tending  your body (physical), your mind (emotions) and/or your spirit. Together we will explore which modality works the best for you and design a wellness program to fit your individual needs.

What does Awaken the Spirit represent?

Ling Symbox


“The logo for Awaken the Spirit Wellness Center, LLC, is based on the Chinese character Ling, which translates to “spirit or divine”. Ling is from the ancient tradition of Taoist wisdom, the power and potential to effect change from within, allowing our heart to connect to the divine.

Using both acupuncture and psychotherapy, I combine psychodynamic theory with energy psychology and five-element acupuncture and Classical Chinese medicine with TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. I encourage heart-centered whole-person healing, always striving to understand the inter-connectedness of the mind, body and spirit and how this affects wellness. Being healed or made “whole”, the mind, body and spirit must be restored, paying attention to the relationship between the physical and the non-physical aspects of the self. Whole-person healing allows me to adapt the modality to your unique needs based on your emotional, physical and spiritual resources, manifesting your own healing as you return to the authentic self.

Through acupuncture or psychotherapy, experience Ling—the ancient concept in Chinese wisdom of divine spirit and wellness to bring peace, balance and harmony into your life.

I invite you to experience your own journey of spirit, healing and wellness. The divinity of your heart awaits you as you start the journey. Please call me at 410-747-9743 for a confidential consultation.



“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  - Carl Gustav Jung